March 8

I am wondering why he hasn’t been replying to any of my birthday greetings to him. I am wondering why, even after almost a year of breaking up, we can’t still be friends. I am wondering why I still am pained about what has happened between us and I am wondering why we can’t be friends. It’s all where it started, why can’t we go back there?

Yeah, maybe the last one is stupid but I can’t help myself from thinking about that. You see, I don’t miss him as a boyfriend anymore, I miss him as a very good friend of mine. I miss his advises that would always help me ease the pain I’m feeling. I miss how he could instantly inject happiness into everyone he talks to. I miss how he could make the darkest day shine all through out.

Is it too late to make peace with the one whom you once thought would be your forever? minutes ago, as I was scrolling down my Instagram feed I noticed a photo posted by his sister, and then I remembered again that today is his birthday.

Three years ago I excitedly waited for midnight to come just so that I could be the first one to greet him. But now, all I could do is be sad that our friendship has sunk in the deepest part of the seven seas where, I guess, could no longer be found.

If I could be given just 3 minutes to see him the first thing I’d do is hug him tightly for 30 seconds and then whisper in his ear happy birthday and that I’m thankful that he’s a part of my life. That 3 minutes will be the best and worst 3 minutes of my life.


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