I thought that would be impossible. But it wasn’t. For the third time this week, I sent him a birthday message on the exact day of his birth, a few hours past twelve and thought that he wouldn’t reply. But I was wrong.


I woke up at around 11 in the morning. I woke up to my father who was really mad at me for being asleep at that time of day. That gave me bad vibes because he doesn’t even know that I reviewed for my exam that’s why I slept late. And then few other bad things happened plus the fact that I’ve checked my phone for the nth time but still there was no reply from him. So, I ate brunch, took a bath and prepared myself to go to school.

And then on the way to school my phone suddenly vibrated. Guess what, it was a text message from him. He said thanks and suddenly all the bad vibes vanished. Who would’ve thought that a simple thanks would remove all the negativity?

I replied instantly and as time passed I realized that we were having a friendly conversation. He replied with smiles and I replied with happiness. I never imagined that this would be the day I could really say that I found the peace I’ve been praying for almost a year now. Maybe we won’t be close friends but at least now I could call him my friend. I could also say that I have moved on already, no more sappy feelings attached.

Today is Mark’s birthday and I am so thankful for this person. I know many things happened between us, be it about hearts being broken or simply days where I thought that he is the one. But, I guess this day marks a turning point. A point in our lives that I could say that I’m whole again. No more broken pieces that needs to be put back together or sad love songs. Peace, that’s what we both gained today. And I am happy with where we both are right now. The past made us change and grow into better people.

Finally, I got my wish, friendship. Thank you Lord! 🙂


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